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Trek Precision Bicycle Fit Service: Your Fit. Defined.

Unleash your potential

You won’t believe what the right fit can do for you. Trek Precision Fit is the best way to improve your performance on the bike.

Standard Analysis

Road or Mountain Bike Fit:


Our Professional Bicycle Fit is guaranteed to make your ride more comfortable and stronger.  All of our fits are performed by a Qualified Fit Specialist with many years of experience.

We use state of the art motion capture video software as a tool to show you the progress we are making during the fit. It also allows the fitter watch you riding in slow motion in order to further dial in your fit.  This information is then used in conjunction with precise body and bike measurements to determine your optimal bike size and fit.


Handlebar shape
Handlebar width
Handlebar position


Stem selection
Stem length
Stem height


Saddle selection
Saddle height
Saddle fore/aft position


Shoe sizing
Stance width
Cleat placement

Additional Analysis

360° Motion Capture

Included in all fits

High-speed motion camera captures your biomechanics on the bike



Dial in your ideal aerodynamic position with this extended fitting

Pressure Analysis


FREE w/ a new saddle purchase

On-screen interactive pressure analysis display guides saddle selection and position.

A proven process

A personal fitting experience will address your specific needs, giving you a tailor-made solution that will lead to countless hours of faster, more comfortable, more enjoyable riding.

1: Interview
Your fit specialist will talk with you to learn your goals and needs as a cyclist. You are passionate about your riding and so are we. Our goal is to help take your riding experience to the next level.

2: Physical Assessment
Before you get on the bike, your fit technician will assess your range of motion and flexibility.

3: Shoe Setup
You and your technician will determine proper shoe selection and cleat placement to ensure a sound foundation.

4: Starting Position
Your on-the-bike fit starts with an evaluation of your current position and a simple overview of the steps to follow.

5: Lower Body Setup
Setup starts with saddle selection, and continues through a series of incremental adjustments to create your ideal biomechanical alignment.

6: Uper Body Setup
Here's where your fit takes its final form, with proper stem height and reach and handlebar shape and width to optimize your posture and power.

7: Review and followup
You'll end your session with a detailed document that defines your fit, and a followup appointment to guarantee your satisfaction.

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